Purpose of rectifiers
  • For DC power supply of galvanic baths;
  • For power supply of machines for electrochemical processing of metals;
  • For charging storage batteries of floor vehicles (electric cars);
  • For power supply of starters of powerful motors;
  • For extraction of non-ferrous and other metals from waste solutions;
  • For equipping stations for the electrochemical treatment of industrial wastewater at treatment facilities;
  • Rectifiers are used in chlorate plants for disinfecting drinking water, disinfecting water in swimming pools instead of chlorination;
  • For power supply of electric magnets, heating metal parts;
  • For other consumers meeting the technical specifications of this equipment.
Modes of operation
Mounting dimensions
Optional equipment
Parameter name Parameter value
1. Supply network:
- voltage, V 380
- frequency, Hz 50
- number of phases 3
2. Cooling water for rectifier units  
- flow, m3/h 0,1-0,2
- temperature, oС, no more 30
- pressure at the cooling system inlet, Pa (kgf/cm2) 14,7-24,5·104 (1,5-2,5)
3. Output parameters:  
- rated continuous voltage, V 6….600
- rated direct current, A 6….25000
4. Efficiency, % not less 78-92
5. Power factor, not less 0,85-0,93
6. Adjustment and stabilization parameters  
- range of manual regulation of current and voltage, % 0-100
- setting range of stabilized continuous voltage at changing the current from 0.1 to the nominal value, % 25-100
- setting range of stabilized direct current at changing the voltage from 0.25 to the nominal value, % 5-100
- voltage variation range at automatic stabilization of current density and at current variation from 0.1 to the nominal value, % 25-100
- automatic stabilization accuracy:
  • - voltage and current, %
  • - current density, %

- setting range of DC current flow time for reversible units:
  • - direct and reverse polarity, sec
  • - total operating time, sec

6a. Additional options  
- pulse mode  
- output 4 - 20 mA  
- program control unit:
  • current setting step, A
  • voltage setting step, V
  • indication of worked out ampere-hours in the program
  • data output to PC
  • output RS-485
  • dry contact output

7. Reliability indicators:  
- MTBF, not less, h 5000
- resource, not less, h 40000
- service life, not less, years 12

The rectifier units can be controlled by external signals:

  • - Analog signals with a voltage from 0 to minus 10 at Rin = 10 kOhm
  • - Logical signals with a level of no more than 1.5 V and a unit of 15V of positive polarity
The control unit consists of two boards located in a closed IP54 housing
The units are universal for all rectifiers

The units have control, monitoring and signaling equipment that provides:

  • - Switching on and off;
  • - Contactless switching on / switching off direct current;
  • - Switching to local or remote control;
  • - Switching to the selected type of work;
  • - Adjustment of direct current and voltage;
  • - Control of direct current and voltage;
  • - Automatic stabilization mode: for current, voltage, current density;
  • - Lamp signaling: on the presence of supply voltage, on the active state, in case of emergency shutdowns.
The reverse is provided by an additional
unit in IP 54 housing located on the rectifier door

Reversible units additionally provide:

  • - Lamp signaling about the output current polarity;
  • - Switching to manual or automatic reversing;
  • - Automatic reversing of the load current at separate setting of the duration of current pulses of forward and reverse direction. The initial current direction can be adjusted for direct or reverse polarity;
  • - Setting the flow time duration for the direct, reverse current and total time;
  • - Unipolar impulse current with separate setting of impulse and pause duration.
  • - Counting the total operating time both in manual and in automatic reversing mode.
  • - Switching to the selected initial direction of direct current;


The rectifiers are equipped with shutdown protection

  • - In case of short circuits in the power section and at the output of the rectifier
  • - At overcurrent over 1.1 of the rated value with a duration of more than 20-40 sec.
  • - At overheating of power thyristors



Overall, installation, mounting dimensions
H, мм
L, мм
B, мм
The dimensions for rectifiers not listed in this table are specified when ordering.
Operating conditions

The units are intended for the operation in an environment that meets the requirements of sanitary design standards for industrial enterprises in terms of electroplating shops, in places excluding the ingress of electrolyte splashes, in compliance with the operating and maintenance conditions.

The units are not intended for serial or parallel connection to each other at the output.

Operating mode class according to GOST 18142-80
Compliance with: TR No. 3416-001-12412713-2007, GOST 18142.1, TR CU 004/2011, TR CU 020/2011

Category of the premises according to fire and explosion hazard B4

The power quality of the supply network should meet the following requirements:

  • - Voltage deviation from the nominal value no more than ±10%;
  • - Frequency deviation from the nominal value no more than ±1%.

In terms of the impact of mechanical factors, vibrations in the vertical direction in the frequency range 1-35 Hz with an acceleration of no more than 15 m/s2 are allowed.

The rectifier units are intended for long-term operation in closed heated or cooled and ventilated industrial premises in climatic conditions УХЛ4 (UHL4) in accordance with GOST 15150:

  • - Ambient air temperature from 1 to 35 °С;
  • - Water temperature at the cooling system inlet no more than 30 °С;
  • - Relative air humidity no more than 80 % at 25 °С;

You can choose a modification of the equipment based on the requirements of your technological process and production conditions, and fill out an application

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